Executive MBA Programs

Executive MBA programs in India are management programs specially designed for the working professionals or rather say executives working in India. These programs were introduced in the executive education in India so that the working professionals who are busy in their jobs can add on their academic qualification with a management degree. Executives, mid-level managers, and sometimes the senior managers also, are eligible for taking up EMBA courses.

Executive MBA programs in India are administered by leading MBA colleges and universities in India and abroad. There are different formats in which these programs are delivered. The curriculum of the EMBA programs is somewhat similar to the full-time MBA curriculum, but, EMBA courses are comparatively more focused. Different colleges have different time schedules for conducting the executive MBA courses in India. Moving further, all of these features of executive MBA programs in India are discussed in detail.

Executive MBA Programs Formats of executive MBA programs (in India)

Executive MBA programs in India are delivered either as open enrolment programs or as customized EMBA programs. Open enrolment programs invite applications from executives working in different corporate houses and classes are conducted all the year round on selected dates. Hence, a particular EMBA class has a mix of students from different backgrounds and varied experience. In contrast to these, there are customized EMBA programs. Customized MBA programs are on-demand executive MBA programs which cater to specific needs of a particular organization. These programs are designed keeping in mind the special challenges faced within an organization and solutions are worked out by executives of the organization in question only.

Executive MBA Curriculum

As executive MBA programs are conducted by leading MBA institutes only, appropriate changes are done in order to make the course contents more focused. MBA course structure is more comprehensive, whereas, EMBA course is much more focused. Such changes are done because the purpose of EMBA program is to provide only niche specific knowledge, whereas, purpose of MBA program involves studying management basics as well.

Time Duration of Executive MBA Programs

Taking care of the busy schedule of the executives, different universities have introduced EMBA courses with different time commitments. Options like full-time executive MBA or part-time executive MBA or campus based executive MBA or online executive MBA are available, so, executives can finalize the EMBA course themselves; depending upon their personal schedules.

For better prospects, executives should have a proper understanding about how to evaluate business school delivering executive MBA program and how to select an executive MBA program. Executives should check the possibilities of sponsoring executive MBA program with their employers. Organizations, these days are open to finance MBA programs either partially or fully; in order to get an efficient and loyal workforce.

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