Financing Your Executive MBA

Looking for some resources for financing your executive MBA in India? Multiple options are available for investing in executive MBA programs. Financing your executive education in India; starts with having an idea about fees and expenses of an executive MBA program in India. Depending upon the available finances, professionals can select any of the EMBA funding options mentioned as follows:

– Personal Savings

– EMBA Scholarships

– EMBA fellowships

– EMBA loans

– Company sponsored EMBA

All of these options are further discussed in detail.

Financing Your Executive MBA Personal Savings

Professionals can use their personal savings for EMBA program chosen. However, this comes out to be a costly affair as this approach depletes the cash in hand. It is advised to either spend the personal savings in combination with some other source for financing your executive MBA course in India or straightaway choosing from some other methods of funding an EMBA program in India.

EMBA Scholarships

Professionals can research for the scholarships for EMBA in India which may be granted by different scholarship granting bodies (includes: Universities having EMBA courses, Governmental bodies, NGOs, Corporate Houses, etc.). These offer various scholarships for funding executive MBA. Very often universities themselves grant scholarships for pursuing EMBA in India based upon several criteria, including: academic background, professional background, past experience, nationality, and others.

EMBA Fellowships

Fellowships for financing your executive MBA in India is an interesting method. Professionals can talk to the faculty members or the management and offer delivering lectures in the university or institute offering EMBA course. Applying for fellowships in EMBA programs is best option for paying back to the institution where you have yourself studied. EMBA alumni from IIM have successfully implemented this method.

EMBA loans

Loans for executive MBA programs can also be an option. Various banks of India offer loans such as: education loans or personal loans. Professionals are advised to check the options available with different banks, including their interest rates. Different banks have different terms and conditions for payment repayments.

Company Sponsored EMBA

Company sponsorships for executive MBA or say, company funded executive MBA in India is the most popular option for investing in executive MBA programs. Companies’ sponsor the EMBA programs in India because they are interested in reaping benefits from the added knowledge and latest tools and ideas that can be put to work, straightaway. Seeking financial help from the employers for EMBA involves a lot of planning starting right from the ground work, through the time the courses gets finished and remains till the employee is serving the employer.

Hence, there are numerous options available for financing your executive MBA in India; you just need to select the one that works best for you.

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